As you may be aware we are currently working on a grant application to allow us to bring a regular programme of performances and events to the Blakehay Theatre in Weston-super-Mare for people with special educational needs. The purpose of this project is to widen access and participation for people who struggle to attend the theatre, and access the arts in general.

Following our successful consultation events last week we have formulated some questionnaires concerning access and participation to the theatre. These questionnaires will ensure that we have a broad understanding of what the community wants before we apply for our grant funding.

We have formulated three separate questionnaires, one for parents and carers, one for teachers, more specifically for teachers who may become involved with children who have special educational needs, and finally one for the students themselves. Please find below the links for the survey for:

Parents/ Carers Survey

Those who struggle to visit the theatre Survey

SENCO/ Teacher Survey

The aim of these questionnaires is to learn more about people who struggle to access the theatre due to additional needs. These could be physical, mental or emotional needs which affect participation. As such it is the parents, carers and teachers whose children cannot currently attend the theatre that we would like to answer these questionnaires.

For more information please see our page SEN Theatre